Just as Ayurveda treats human diseases, there is a science for plant life called ‘Vrikshayurveda’.

Vrikshayurveda is the ancient Indian science of plant life. It has been systematically explained in various texts of Vrikshayurveda . The knowledge of Vrikshayurveda has its roots in Vedas especially Rigveda and Atharvaveda has lots of references regarding plants and environment.

Ancient India had achieved a level of agricultural technology equal to what is known in modern times. The various procedures explained in Vrikshayurveda clearly indicate that level of knowledge was high and equivalent to modern agriculture.

In today’s scenario the importance of understanding Vrikshayurveda has also increased because several crores are being spent every year on pesticides to control pests. A detailed study of Vrikshayurveda would provide us with information on pest management based on sound ecological principles.

Indian scientist Sh. Jagdish Chandra Bose had discovered the plant physiology using his own invention, Crescograph, to measure the plant response to various stimuli, thereby, scientifically proving parallelism between animal and plant tissues. Further,scientific validation are needed to promote the knowledge of Vriksha Ayurveda to enable the healthy flourishing of plant kingdom and mankind.

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