Alife means  Add ages to life


Why Not if We Can

God has created this beautiful universe full of amazing flora and fauna, wherever we look around the beauty of God’s creation is in abundance that is spell binding. Though, we also notice some pain and suffering by the less fortunate. We as a group of individuals with like thoughts have been trying to reach out in whichever way we can such as by providing food and medical assistance to the needy ones – be it human beings, animals or birds. With inherent humanity embedded in us, we can’t see anyone left abandoned – animals like dogs writhing in pain due to injuries caused by speeding vehicles, which we rush to the hospital for emergency treatment and usually as a follow up we take them under our care as they need consistent love too!!As a routine, we feed the animals living in the neighbourhood areas so called as the stray ones on a regular basis in the mornings and evenings. And the friendly paws are simply not just free-takers, rather in return, they reciprocate love by wagging their tails relentlessly and also do the policing duties during late night hours and we sleep carefree. We look at no one sleeping hungry be it birds, cows or the so named stray pets.
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